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Little Forest – Rainbow Rice Cake Ingredients & Recipe

…Continued from the previous post.

Rainbow Rice Cake Ingredients

How to make rainbow rice cake.

Ingredients are as follows.

Making red bean powder

Red bean 250g(8.8 oz),  Salt 1 teaspoon,  Sugar 2 Spoon

Making Rice cake

Rice flour 120g(4.2 oz) x 3 times=360g(12.6 oz),
Salt 1 teaspoon x 3 times, Sugar 1 Spoon x 3 times,
Water 70g(2.5 oz) x 3 times,
Dried Gardenia Fruit 3EA, Spinach  abt. 4ea

Size 1 mousse ring

Dia.15cm(5.9 inch) X Depth 7cm(2.7 inch)


Dried Gardenia Fruits

Steamer Basket

Size 1 mousse ring

Red Beans

Rice Flour/Powder



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Rainbow Rice cake

Little Forest – Longing for mother, expressed with food

there is one more flavor-Mom’s magic touch-The mysterious taste that is completed only through the mother’s hands.
The emotion of this movie has the Mom’s magic touch. It is similar to the comport food of the animation Ratatouille.

2 thoughts on “Little Forest – Rainbow Rice Cake Ingredients & Recipe”

  1. Hey,
    Can you tell me for how many portions those quantities are for. Is it a four or six persons cake?
    In the video, you seem to have leftovers from the preparation, is that the case?

    Thank you for your help!

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