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Survive in the Hellish Summer HEAT

In western North America, a heatwave of 49 degrees Celsius has been continuing since June 25 last month. In British Columbia, Canada, 719 people died suddenly in the past week, triple the number that would normally occur in the province.

Experts point out that the cause of ‘climate change’ such as heatwaves, is the effect of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. These days, we are reflecting on the seriousness of climate change more filmic than a film.
Here are two movies that present problems and solutions related to global warming and climate change!
Movies ‘The Day After Tomorrow (2004)’ and ‘Geostorm (2017)’.

The Day After Tomorrow


Both films focus on natural disasters caused by climate change.
The movie ‘Tomorrow’ is a movie that starts from a warning that the glaciers in the Antarctic and Arctic melt and change the flow of ocean currents and eventually cover the entire earth with glaciers due to rapid global warming. The movie ‘Geostorm’ is a movie about climate change that has occurred on the earth. It can be seen as a work that develops a satellite system for prevention and draws stories from it.

But these films are a story of the future decades later.
We, who are exposed to the heat right now, have to survive the heat if we go outside without air conditioning.

It’s Dangerous Outside.
Here are some goods that can increase your chances of survival in the hellish summer heat.

Cool Down in 2 Seconds –  Semiconductor Wearable Neck Cooler

A wireless hot and cold neckband with a different level of coolness. The moment you wear it, immediately cooling without wind. New technology cooling system and ergonomic design ensure a stable fit without shaking from the neck. With a light weight of 230g, it can be used ALL Year round with 2 in 1 Cooling/Heating Modes. (Click on image to learn more)

Cold Compress
Cool Down in 2 Seconds

Intelligent Chip Control temperature

2 in 1
Cooling/Heating Modes

Handheld Fan

No words needed. It’s a trend these days.

Click on image to check availability

Click on image to check availability

Click on image to check availability

 Foldable Cordless Desk Fan

When not in use, it can be completely folded and stored. Even a cordless, rotatable folding fan. A fan can be carried in a bag. Fans for Bedroom, Office, Camping…
(Click on image to learn more)

Standard Type

Telescopic Pedestal
Fixed Fan Head

Telescopic Pedestal

Portable Hanging Neck Fan

Feel the coolness when commuting to work or outdoor activities. And both hands are free.
Your own cool fan regardless of location. The high-efficiency motor minimizes noise and makes the wind stronger.
(Click on image to learn more)

Color : White

Color : White

Color : Green

Make your Bed Ice Cold – Bed Cooling Systems

A new concept bed cooling system that cools the bed.  Differentiated performance that changed the concept of the existing Cool Mat and lower electricity bills compared to air conditioners.  
Pay attention if you sweat a lot while sleeping in bed or the cold air from the air conditioner that hits you is burdensome.
Try changing it to this one. (Click on image to learn more)

Water-Cooled System and PVC pad
Cooling Function only

Dual Function-Cooling and warming

Ice Underwear to Beat the Heat

COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: These bikini underwears for women are made of ice silk fabric and covered with mesh. Which will make you feel very cool in summer. The 100% cotton crotch is very soft and breathable, moisture-wicking. They can protect your privacy and keep you fresh all day long.
(Click on image to learn more)

Multicolor-10 Pack

Soft Breathable Mesh Stretch

Suitable for Business trip or Travel, also suitable for Sports, workout and hiking.

Men’s underwear Separate Pouches

A Men’s True freedom begins here.
All men have experienced the discomfort of being damp here.
Studies have shown that people who wear breathable panties have 25% higher sperm concentrations, 17% higher sperm counts, and 33% more motile sperm counts. In addition, when the testicular temperature rises by 1 degree, the sperm count decreases by up to 40%.

One of the Solutions is Separate Pouch designed to keep a man’s personal area comfortably separate resulting in a dry environment, no constraint
(Click on image to learn more)

Trunks Separate Pouches with Fly 4 Pack

Superior Separate Pouch Tech
Dry environment, No Constraint

Breathable panel
allows air to flow
freely which reduces uncomfortable problem most men experience

Gel Seat Cushion for Long Sitting

No Longer Feel Pain and getting damp In Your Ass!
Experience Pressure Relief & Comfort Cooling!
This gel seat cushion allows to its breathability and elastic better, coolness and breathable, support your chair durability for long sitting.
This unique structure also increases air circulation to keep your bottom cool.

Color: Purple
18 x 17 x 1.4 inches

Color: Blue
17 x 14 x 2.0 inches

Color: Light Blue
16 x 14.2 x 1.4 inches

Summer Healing time on a Hammock

The moment you open the hammock, a healing space appears as if you are lying on a cloud.
A healing time for you, but a Dinner time for Mosquitoes.
Mosquito nets are essential for hammocks.

Ultralight Hammock with Bug Netting

Brazilian Hammock with Stand

Hammock Mosquito Net Protection

Portable Neck Fan

The advent of the most advanced portable fan. The smart structural-mechanical design circulates air to blow away the heat comfortably like the natural wind, and cools the skin while reducing irritation.


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